Professional Development

As valuable health professionals, pharmacists are accountable to the patients they care for by ensuring their knowledge and skills are kept up-to-date and they remain competent to practice. One of the ways that pharmacists, like other professionals, ensure their competence to practice is by being involved in continuing professional development (CPD).



Manitoba Health, Healthy Living and Seniors (MHHLS) has developed the following PHIA online training program primarily for private practitioners:

Direct PHI Version - for health professionals and their staff who are required to access personal health information in providing care and services to patients and clients;
Accreditation information:
The Direct PHI Version training program is accredited by the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba for a total of 2 CEU for pharmacists in Manitoba (accreditation number 14061M). Pharmacists who wish to claim this training program as accredited learning must retain the Certificate of PHIA Course Completion from Manitoba Health, Healthy Living and Seniors that they receive once they have successfully completed the program, and record the learning activity in their online PD Log. (Please note, the PHIA Course Completion Certificate does not contain the accreditation information included above.)

The following training programs are also made available by MHHLS for review by interested individuals:

Indirect PHI Version – for individuals who are not required to access personal health information in carrying out their duties, but may have access to it, including for example custodial staff; and

Administrator Version – for office managers and IT administrators of a private professional practice who are responsible for developing office policies and procedures.

You can access the training versions noted above at:

In addition to the training program, revised Guidelines have been approved respecting the legislated requirement for the creation and auditing of Records of User Activity by trustees that maintain personal health information in an electronic information system (ex: in electronic patient record or electronic medical record). Finally, MHHLS has developed a list of the policies and procedures required by trustees, including health professionals in private practice, to comply with PHIA. This list and other PHIA resources are available on the MHHLS website at:

Canadian Resources 


The Canadian Pharmacists Association provides hundreds of CCCEP-accredited online CE programs in various health fields in addition to yearly Learning Series.

  • Links to CE materials available in the current Canadian Pharmacists Journal (CPJ)
  • CPhA membership not required
  • Free access to CE materials, but cost for all post-tests
  • CPhA members receive discounts on CE tests ($15 vs. $25 for non-members)
  • CPhA Home Study Online Learning Centre links directly to member login area
  • Available: PDFs, online testing with immediate responses, certificates of completion, personal learning portfolio, message boards


The Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists now offers CCCEP-accredited online CE courses designed to provide innovative education to hospital pharmacists, but are available to everyone.

  • Course are free with online registration
  • CSHP membership not required
  • Access Online Education for more information


Rx Briefcase provides healthcare professionals free access to hundreds of CCCEP-accredited CE materials.

  • Free registration to website is required to access all CE materials
  • Online post-test and certificate provided free-of-charge
  • Available: online materials, online post-test with immediate answers, certificates of completion, a printable Professional Development Log (must be transferred to the MPhA online PD Log), message boards


The University of Alberta Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science along with the Alberta College of Pharmacists (ACP) offer continuing education courses that are CCCEP-accredited.

  • There is a cost to view all material and to register for courses
  • Files only contain information about CE materials obtained through their office
  • ACP members receive discounts on CE materials
  • Available: Web-based courses, certificates of completion, links to other CE sites in Canada
  • Click here to view a sample web-based course


The University of British-Columbia Continuing Pharmacy Professional Development program offers continuing education courses that are accredited by the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia.

  • There is no cost to access all CE materials
  • The Virtual Learning Centre includes presentation and post-tests
  • There is a post-test correction fee of $20
  • Available: Streaming media presentations from conference can be found here , printable post-tests and answers 


Apotex Inc. provides CCCEP accredited web-based and print-based materials.

  • Print-based CE Essentials are booklets available by subscription through an Apotex Representative.
  • Website lists titles available. Post-tests are mailed in to receive grading and certification.
  • All web-based CE materials are free to view and print, free online registration required to complete post-tests


Novopharm provides monthly CCCEP accredited CE materials. CE courses are available online and though mailing subscription.

  • No registration is required to access any CE materials
  • Both online and print-based post-tests have to be mailed in for results and certification
  • Links to Pharmacy Gateway for more online CE information

American (US) Resources

CPE Monitor™ 

The Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) and the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) have created a new reporting system for continuing pharmacy education (CPE) credits called CPE Monitor™ . The changes will affect how Canadian pharmacists report and track professional development activities that are based in the US.

The ACPE is the US equivalent to the Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy (CCCEP). CPE Monitor™ was developed by ACPE and NABP as an electronic system of CPE reporting and tracking for American pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. Canadian pharmacy professionals will also be required to use this online system in order to print off certificates of completion for educational programs from ACPE-accredited providers

As a first step, Canadian pharmacy professionals need to create an NABP e-profile where you can access CPE Monitor™. To create an NABP e-profile, a pharmacist or pharmacy technician not licensed in the US will need to complete the Non-United States Pharmacist Waiver Form as part of their profile.

The CPE Monitor™ system will direct electronic data from ACPE-accredited providers to ACPE and then to NABP, ensuring that CPE credit is officially verified by the providers. Once NABP receives this information, pharmacist and pharmacy technicians can log in to their NABP profile to access information about their CPE activities.  

Printed copies of the certificates generated by CPE Monitor™ will serve as your record of professional development (PD) activities should the College request information from you during a PD Audit or other information request. 


The ACPE is an autonomous and independent American national agency for the accreditation of professional programs and continuing education for pharmacists.


The ACCP is approved by the Accreditation Council on Pharmacy Education (ACPE) as a provider of continuing pharmacy education that is recognized by the MPhA.

  • No registration required to access learning materials
  • Some programs free, others with cost
  • Free website registration required to complete post-tests
  • Available: PDFs, RealPlayer videos, Post-Tests


The American Pharmacists Association provides hundreds of online ACPE accredited CE programs.

  • Free web-registration required to access CE materials
  • Post-test grading fee: $15 (US) for non-APhA members


The ASHP provides ACPE-accredited CE courses to its members and to the public.

  • Web-based  programs are free to view, but ASHP membership required to access CE testing Centre
  • Membership fee info can be found  here
  • CE in the Mornings  is a free service with web-registration
  • Available: PDF's, powerpoint presentations, live recorded lectures, online testing with immediate results


Jobson Medical Information provides ACPE-accredited CE courses to pharmacists, physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals through Power-Pak C.E. Continuing Education programs can be selected by profession or by topic. Look for “ACPE” CEU's in order to count towards MPhA licensing CE credit.

  • Free web-registration is required to access CE materials
  • Materials and post-tests available free of cost
  • Web-registration uses social insurance number to identify users (however, a self-selected 9 digit number suffices)
  • Available: PDF's, online testing with immediate results, test history and profile