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Administration of Injections Practical Skills Workshop

October, 10

Time: 8:00am - 4:30pm

Location: Participants will meet in the Clinical Simulation Laboratory on the Second floor of the Basic Medical Sciences Building (formerly theatre D), 745 Bannatyne Avenue, Bannatyne Campus, University of Manitoba

Cost: $200 plus $10 GST

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The College of Pharmacy will be hosting the upcoming Administration of Injections Practical Skills Workshops.

Accreditation: 6.75 CEU and is part of the Administration of Injections Training Program for Manitoba Pharmacists


Complete the online program “Immunization and Injection Administration Training Program – Independent Study” (7.00 CEU, CCCEP 1292-2020-3048-I-P), including the “Manitoba Module: Administration of Injections” (3.00 CEU, CCCEP 1193-2018-2448-B-P) through Dalhousie University by completing the Dalhousie registration form (follow the directions on the form for submission).

Please register for the Administration of Injections Practical Skills Workshop through the University of Manitoba. More information is available on the event poster.