Legislation and Supporting Documents


Orientation to the New Practice Framework (Updated April 11, 2014)
This manual was developed to help answer questions around the new Act, July 2013 Regulations and practice directions implemented January 1, 2014.

December 2006 the Pharmaceutical Act
(posted January 3, 2014)

Manitoba Pharmaceutical Regulations (July 2013) (posted January 3, 2014) 

Manitoba By-Laws to the Pharmaceutical Act  (posted June 25, 2014)

Code of Ethics (January 1, 2014)      |   Code of Ethics - Explanatory Document (posted February 26, 2014)
The Code of Ethics governs the conduct of members, students, interns and owners.

Prescription Drug Cost Assistance Act

Outline of Prescription Drug Regulations

Prescription Drugs Payment of Benefits Regulation

Manitoba Drug Benefits and Interchangeability Formulary

The Apology Act

The Fair Registration Practices Act


Non-Potable Intoxicating Substances, Stomach Bitters and Rubbing Alcohol Regulation

Non-Smokers Health Protection Amendment Act

Pharmacist designated as a practitioner regulation (posted March 4, 2014)

Personal Health Information Act and Regulations      |     Personal Health Information Act Q & A

The Protection for Persons in Care Act

Pharmacy Standards (Minimum Site Requirements)

Minimum Pharmacy Policy and Procedures Manual Content 

Refill History Recording System



Food and Drugs Act & Regulations

Controlled Drugs and Substances Act
& Regulations

Narcotic Control Regulations

Prescription Drug List