About the College

The College of Pharmacists of Manitoba (CPhM) is a cornerstone of our healthcare system, ensuring the ongoing health and safety of all Manitobans.

The College of Pharmacists of Manitoba (CPhM) has protected the public interest in the practice of pharmacy since it was established in 1878. The authority to oversee the practice of pharmacy in Manitoba comes from The Pharmaceutical Act.

CPhM fulfills its public protection mandate by

  • setting qualification and practice standards for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians;
  • registering and licensing pharmacists and pharmacies and listing them in a public register;
  • listing qualified pharmacy technicians in a public register;
  • ensuring pharmacy professionals meet and maintain pharmacy practice and competence standards;
  • responding to concerns and complaints about the conduct and/or competence of pharmacists; and
  • promoting practice excellence and supporting pharmacy professionals to improve patient care and safety.

CPhM is governed by a Council that is made up of registrant-elected pharmacy professionals, public representatives, and other government-appointed members. Council oversees the pharmacy practice standards and lays out the strategic priorities, goals, and activities of CPhM staff. Together, CPhM Council, Committees, and staff work together to improve the safety and quality of pharmacy practice in Manitoba—it’s about making a great system even better.

Mission, Vision, and Values

Under the authority of The Pharmaceutical Act, we license and regulate every pharmacy and pharmacy professional in the province to ensure they are qualified and meet standards of practice.

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CPhM is governed by Council. By legislated mandate, CPhM must protect the public interest and ensure patients receive safe, ethical care.

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College staff is dedicated to carrying out the ongoing activities of the College.

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