Pharmacy Technician Final Check

Pharmacy Technicians can perform the final check of a medication if the pharmacy has successfully applied to College using the Pharmacy Technician Final Check application process.

Pharmacy Technician Final Check Application

The Pharmacy Technician Final Check Application was developed by the College for use in both community and hospital pharmacy practice. The application process requires pharmacy managers and staff to assess their current dispensing process and determine the changes required for the pharmacy technician final check procedure.

For a fillable PDF version of the Pharmacy Technician Final Check Application, please email with the subject line “Pharmacy Technician Final Check Application.”

The PDF will be emailed to you with instructions on opening, filling out, and submitting it to the College.

Please see the Pharmacy Technician Final Check Information Sheet and FAQ below for additional guidance on the application process.

Pharmacy Technician Final Check FAQ

If you have question that is not answered in the FAQ below, please email the College at with the subject line “Pharmacy Technician Final Check.”

Why is it important to have a checking policy and procedure for Pharmacy Technician Final Check?

Pharmacy practices in community and hospital settings provide differing products and services. Accordingly, the responsibilities of pharmacy technicians will also vary from practice-to-practice, including the responsibility of final medication checks. A checking policy and procedure specific to your pharmacy provides current and new staff with the information they need to perform the final check, including:

  • The types of products they can check;
  • The procedure they need to follow for a given product; and
  • How they should document the final check

A well-defined final check procedure will ensure a consistent and safe final check practice in your pharmacy.

Our pharmacy already has a quality assurance policy to manage medication errors. Do we need one specific to pharmacy technicians?

Yes, all pharmacies who delegate final medication checks to pharmacy technicians must have a specific policy and procedure manual for them. The current pharmacy quality assurance policy should be updated to include the procedure for medication errors on prescriptions checked by a pharmacy technician. The process may be similar to other medication errors, but should also include

  • a review of the pharmacy technician checking procedure;
  • training requirements if subsequent errors occur; and
  • the process for random audits of pharmacy technician accuracy in final checks.

Can I submit a Pharmacy Technician Final Check Application if my pharmacy does not yet have a technician performing final checks?

Yes, if you plan to have a pharmacy technician perform final medication checks at a future date, you can preemptively submit a Pharmacy Technician Final Check Application. In Section 1: Establishment Information, omit the pharmacy technician’s name, but indicate that you plan to have a pharmacy technician fulfill a final-checking role in the future.

Also, if your pharmacy plans to have a pharmacy technician overseeing the checking process of other pharmacy technicians in the future, then indicate this on your application.

How should a pharmacist sign-off on a final medication check that will be performed by a pharmacy technician?

A prescription record needs to have either the handwritten signature/initials or the electronic
signature/initials of the pharmacist who performed the therapeutic check and approved the prescription for filling. Any initials that are automatically generated do not fulfill this requirement. A prescription record must include the signature/initials of the person filling the prescription, the person completing the final check, and the pharmacist performing the therapeutic assessment and filling approval.

What information should be included in Record Keeping in Section 4?

This section refers to recordkeeping for final checks that are done by a pharmacy technician. The final checks may include regular prescriptions, compliance packs, refill of counting machine canisters, sterile product preparations, etc. The documentation of the final check may differ depending on the product. For each product type indicate what documentation is required. Record keeping of documentation for any pharmacy technician re-validation or audits would be listed within Qualifications and Training and/or Quality Assurance sections.

Does the pharmacist need to complete the therapeutic check on refills and prescriptions to be logged on file?

All prescriptions require both a technical and therapeutic check including new, refill, and logged prescriptions. Logged prescriptions must also be checked when they are filled.

The pharmacist is responsible for

  • reviewing all prescriptions for therapeutic appropriateness and patient safety; and
  • conducting medication counselling or providing drug information to all patients.

When a prescription is being logged or placed on file, both the technical and therapeutic check must be done. A technician can perform the data check to ensure all the information has been entered correctly; however, the pharmacist must review the prescription from a therapeutic perspective before it is logged.

Both the technician and pharmacist must document their checks either in a written or electronic format. For the safety of patients, no prescription should be released without confirming that both the therapeutic check by the pharmacist and technical check by a pharmacist or technician is complete.

When a logged prescription is initially filled, can a technician complete the final check?

When a logged prescription is filled and dispensed, a technical and therapeutic check must be conducted again. The technician who performed the initial technical check when it was logged or put on file cannot perform the technical check before releasing the medication to the patient. The technical check should be done by either another trained pharmacy technician or a pharmacist. If there is no process to determine or verify who did the technical check on the prescription when logged, then a pharmacist must complete both the technical and therapeutic checks of all processed logged prescriptions.

Independent double checks in pharmacy practice are an effective process to reduce the risk of a medication incident.

Pharmacy Technician Scope of Practice

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Annual Listing Renewal

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