Extended Practice Pharmacist Renewal

Extended Practice Pharmacists must renew their licence with the College annually to ensure they maintain their skills and qualifications.

Maintaining an Extended Practice Pharmacist Licence

To maintain their licence to practice as an Extended Practice Pharmacist, pharmacists must renew their registration with CPhM annually by confirming

  • continued certification under clause 96(a), (b), (d), (e), (f) or (g) of the Pharmaceutical Regulation, if the member’s certification is based on qualification under one of those clauses;
  • at least 600 practice hours in the three-year period before renewal in their area of specialty;
  • participation in the college’s continuing professional development program with at least 15 hours of their professional development requirement focused on their speciality; and
  • the member meets any additional requirements established by Council.

Extended Practice Pharmacists Quality Assurance Program

The Extended Practice Pharmacist Quality Assurance (QA) Program ensures Extended Practice Pharmacists maintain their specialty qualifications. Each year, 20 per cent of Extended Practice Pharmacists will be randomly selected to participate in a practice audit including a

The Extended Practice Pharmacist QA Program Summary provides more information on the program.

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Professional Development for Pharmacists

All practicing pharmacists in Manitoba must maintain a log that documents their professional development activities. Explore the requirements and learning activities that maintain and enhance practice competence.

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