Prescribing Drugs for Smoking Cessation

Pharmacists can expand their scope of practice in the areas of prescribing, drug or vaccine administration, and ordering of screening and diagnostic testing by successfully completing the requisite Council-approved education, training, and application process.


To prescribe a drug included in the category for smoking cessation, a pharmacist must:

The Fundamentals of Prescribing for Manitoba Pharmacists presentation is available at the following link:

The presentation slides are available here.

CPhM does not charge an administrative fee for the Smoking Cessation Independent Study Program for Manitoba Pharmacists, but pharmacists may need to pay subscription fees to access some of the required or recommended resources.

To Apply: Submit the following documents to mailbox and use subject line: Smoking Cessation Application – Your Name – Licence #

Drugs that can be Prescribed for Smoking Cessation

Drugs that can be prescribed under Schedule 3 for smoking cessation include:

  • nicotine sublingual/buccal;
  • nicotine chewing gum;
  • nicotine inhalation;
  • nicotine nasal;
  • nicotine transdermal; and
  • Varenicline.

Bupropion is not included in this category.

DPIN Pharmacist Prescriber Number

All licensed pharmacists are entered into DPIN as prescribers. Pharmacist prescriber numbers consist of the prefix ‘X’ followed by the pharmacist’s licence number. For example, ‘X12345.’ Pharmacists use this prescriber number when entering a prescription into DPIN.


A pharmacist hands a prescription over a counter to a patient.

Prescribing Drugs for Self-Limiting Conditions

Pharmacists can complete requisite Council-approved education, training, and application process to prescribe Drugs for Self-Limiting Conditions.

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