Professional Registration

Every pharmacy, pharmacist, pharmacy students, and pharmacy technician in Manitoba must register with the College. Your first step is to apply.

Find Your Path to Registration

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For Students, Interns, and New Graduates

Students in their first year at the University of Manitoba’s College of Pharmacy must register with the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba. You must also register before you begin an internship or if you’re a new graduate from another pharmacy program in Canada and want to practice in Manitoba.

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For Pharmacists Licensed in Canada

Pharmacists currently licensed in another Canadian jurisdiction who wish to practice in Manitoba must apply for registration with the College.

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For International Graduates

If you’re a pharmacist educated outside of Canada, you must begin your path to registration through the Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada program, which can assist with preparation for licensure requirements.

Graduates of CCAPP Accredited Canadian Pharmacy Technician Programs

Graduates of CCAPP accredited Canadian pharmacy technician programs can complete the requirements and application process to become listed with the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba.

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Pharmacy Technician Already Licensed in Another Jurisdiction in Canada

Pharmacy technician who are licensed in another Canadian jurisdiction can apply to be listed as pharmacy technicians with the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba.

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Pharmacist Licence Renewal

Each year, pharmacy professionals must meet the guidelines set out for licensure for the following year.

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