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Pharmacy Licence Renewal

Every registered pharmacy in Manitoba must renew its licence on a yearly basis.

Each year, pharmacy managers and owners share a responsibility to ensure that their pharmacy operates in compliance with applicable legislation, By-Laws, Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice, and Practice Directions. The pharmacy manager and pharmacy owner may be the same person or may work in partnership to renew a pharmacy licence.

Every October, pharmacy managers and owners will receive an email notice from CPhM that their pharmacy licence renewal must be complete by November 15, of that year. The notice will include detailed instructions about how to complete their online renewal.

Requirements for pharmacy licence renewal include:

  • Pharmacy manager has successfully renewed their pharmacist licence, including:
    • Completing the pharmacist licence renewal online
    • Meeting the Professional Development (PD) Requirement and completing the PD log online
    • Payment of pharmacist licence fees
    • All requirements for your pharmacist license renewal have been received and verified by the College as complete.
  • The online pharmacy licence renewal is submitted.
  • The pharmacy owner has submitted a printed copy of the Owner’s Declaration Form, with an original ink signature.
  • The Annual Return of Information is submitted.
  • Evidence of commercial general liability insurance is submitted. For example, a letter from the insurance broker or the insurer, a copy of the policy declaration page, or a copy of the policy.
  • Pay pharmacy licence fees.
  • All requirements have been received and verified by the College as complete.

If the renewal requirements are not met by the November deadline, a late penalty fee equal to 50 per cent of the original pharmacy licence fee is automatically applied. Without a successful renewal, pharmacy licences will expire on December 31 of that year.

Adding Components to Your Pharmacy

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Pharmacy Status and Information Updates

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