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Pharmacists who act as preceptors for pharmacy students, residents, interns, and technicians can use their participation as an accredited learning activity.

If you are a preceptor for a pharmacy student, resident, intern, and/or technician, you can use your participation as an accredited learning activity.

Simply document the significant learning experiences that you gained through the preceptorship in your online College Learning Portfolio along with the contact time associated with that learning.  For example, if a pharmacy student gave a case presentation and in preparation, you reviewed recent literature on the subject, that research time can count as an accredited learning activity. In this case, you would include the following in your Professional Development Log:

  • Identify the learning activity as part of a College-accredited preceptorship
  • Note the College accreditation file number
  • Reference the individual articles you reviewed
  • Note the time it took to review the articles
  • Identify the key ideas, thoughts, or learning points gained through the experience

Upon completion of the preceptorship, you may calculate the total number of CEUs you obtained through your participation to include on your accreditation certificate. Involvement in one contact hour of an accredited learning activity is equivalent to one CEU. Keep the accreditation certificate in your Learning Portfolio as a record.

Use the following link to print the Statement of Participation to include in your Learning Portfolio:

Preceptor Statement of Participation

To learn more about becoming a University of Manitoba pharmacy student or pre-graduate intern preceptor, contact the University of Manitoba College of Pharmacy Office of Experiential Education: oee@umanitoba.ca.

For more information about becoming a preceptor for a post-graduate or international pharmacy graduate (IPG) intern, please review the Preceptor Application (located in your Pharmacist Portal) and Internship Manual.

To learn more about becoming a Structured Practical Training (SPT) supervisor for a pharmacy technician-in-training, please see the webpage about SPT and SPT Manual.


International pharmacy graduates and students/graduates of the University of Manitoba complete internships to support experiential learning and the registration and licensing process.

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