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Filing a Complaint

If you have a concern about the care you received at a pharmacy, there are steps you can take to resolve the matter, including filing a complaint.

Do You Have a Concern?

If you’ve had an experience at a pharmacy that has left you concerned with the service you received, the first step is open communication with the pharmacy manager or pharmacy owner. Communicating your concerns regarding business practices and policies with these key individuals is often the quickest way to resolve your concerns.

You can use the Pharmacy Directory to find the contact information for all Manitoba pharmacies, including the name of the pharmacy manager.

If you are unable to discuss the matter with the above contacts, or the issue is serious enough that you believe the College should be informed, you can contact us for assistance by phone at 204-233-1411 or email complaints@cphm.ca at any time.

Filing a Complaint

Close-up of pharmacist taking notes
If you wish to file a formal complaint, provincial legislation requires that you do so in writing. You can submit a letter to the College by mail, email, or fax.

When you communicate with the College, we require that you do so respectfully by following our Respectful Communication Statement.

Details to Include in a Complaint Letter:

  • Your name, address, telephone number and email address
  • The name of the pharmacist involved (if known)
  • The name and address of the pharmacy
  • A specific, detailed description of the events that led to your complaint, including date(s)
  • Copies of any documentation that support your complaint

If exceptional circumstances exist that prevent you from writing a letter, you can make arrangements to meet with a College staff member, who will transcribe your concerns.

Our staff member will send you a copy of the written account of your complaint for you to verify and sign before submitting it to the Complaints Committee for consideration.

Complaint Follow-Up

When the College receives a written complaint, we forward it to the pharmacist or pharmacy manager for review and response. They are permitted two weeks to provide a written response along with any supporting documentation.

The complaint and the pharmacist’s response then go to the Complaints Committee for consideration. The Complaints Committee includes a chairperson (a pharmacist) as well as two other practicing pharmacists and two government-appointed public representatives.

After considering the complaint, the Committee decides if the matter needs further investigation or if there is enough information to make a decision right away. If the Committee orders an investigation, a College investigator will contact you to gather a statement and any additional information that may help decide the matter.

If the Complaints Committee decides that further action is warranted, it will refer the matter to the Discipline Committee. For more information on this process, see our Decisions of the Discipline Committee page.

Under provincial legislation, the Complaints Committee can decide to:

  • Refer the matter to mediation
  • Censure the pharmacist
  • Accept voluntary surrender of licence or registration, which may include a formal agreement with the pharmacist
  • Suspend the pharmacist’s licence or impose conditions on the pharmacist’s practice
  • Dismiss the matter if there is not sufficient evidence to indicate that professional misconduct, professional incompetence, or incapacity was likely
  • Refer the complaint to the Discipline Committee

The amount of time required to resolve a complaint varies and could take several months. The College takes all complaints seriously, and the severity and complexity of the matter may lengthen the time necessary to consider all of the issues and reach a decision.

Once the Committee makes its decision regarding your complaint, you will get a written notice. You have 30 days to appeal should you be dissatisfied with the Committee’s decision.