Safety IQ Academy

Safety IQ Academy is the official training and learning site for Manitoba's continuous quality improvement program, Safety Improvement in Quality (Safety IQ). Learn more about Safety IQ and its requirements for community pharmacy teams to report, document, analyze, and share learning about medication incidents.

The College of Pharmacists of Manitoba is pleased to launch SafetyIQ.Academy, the official training and learning site for Safety IQ.  Safety IQ is a mandatory continuous quality improvement program for community pharmacies to make a safe system, even safer. Safety IQ Academy provides pharmacy professionals with the knowledge, skills, and resources to continuously improve the quality of pharmacy practice. Visit SafetyIQ.Academy today to learn more about Safety IQ.

Safety IQ Academy

For Pharmacy Professionals

Find all the information you need to implement and sustain Safety IQ in your pharmacy.

A pharmacist helping a client

For Patients and the Public

Get information about what your pharmacy team does to prevent and respond to medication incidents.

Shared Learning for Continuous Quality Improvement

Shared learning is a key element in continuous quality improvement. Most of the time, things run safely and smoothly in pharmacies across Manitoba; occasionally, things go wrong. Learning from incidents is the best thing we can do to improve care and safety for all Manitobans.

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Filing a Complaint

Do you have a concern about the care you received at a pharmacy? Learn about the steps you can take to report your concern, including filing a complaint, to resolve the matter.

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