Jurisprudence Examination

The Jurisprudence Examination (JP Exam) is a mandatory step to licensure in Manitoba.

Pharmacy Jurisprudence Modules and Jurisprudence Examination

Pharmacy Jurisprudence Modules

Pharmacists, interns, and pharmacy-technicians-in-training registered with the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba (CPhM), including domestically and internationally educated pharmacists, must complete the Pharmacy Jurisprudence Modules before they can write the Jurisprudence Examination (JP Exam). The modules are hosted by the University of Manitoba (UofM) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) website. The learning included in these modules will be reflected in the JP Exam and putting meaningful effort into completing the modules is critical to preparing for the exam.

Registration for the Modules: https://www.cpd-umanitoba.com/events/online-pharmacy-law/

Cost: $100 (payable to U of M CPD)

Estimated time to complete: 12 – 15 hours

You must complete the Pharmacy Jurisprudence Modules before CPhM can schedule your exam and you can complete the modules at any time before you schedule your exam.

Please note that the Pharmacy Jurisprudence Modules are intended to expose you to foundational themes in pharmacy practice and are not a comprehensive education on pharmacy law in Manitoba. Each registrant is expected and encouraged to carefully review the resources cited throughout the modules and reflect on the content. In addition, you can use the supplementary JP Exam Study Material and the Jurisprudence Exam Blueprint to prepare for the exam.

Jurisprudence Examination

The JP Exam is offered online once per month by CPhM. You will have 2.5 hours to complete the online, live-proctored exam. The exam is closed book in a multiple-choice format that contains 85 questions. The JP Exam is graded on a pass-fail basis. You will only be provided with notice of a pass or a fail (no specific grade will be provided). Please see the Jurisprudence Exam Blueprint for the domains and sub-domains included on the exam to help you prepare.

You can schedule to write the JP Exam after

  • the Registrar or designate approves your registration application and supporting documents; and
  • you have submitted proof of completing the Pharmacy Jurisprudence Modules (statement of completion AND confirmation of registration or payment receipt) to the CPhM Registration Officer by email to registration@cphm.ca.

Graduates from the College of Pharmacy, University of Manitoba, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences complete the modules and take the JP Exam during the second year of the PharmD program.

You can make an appointment to write the exam by contacting the CPhM Registration Officer by email at registration@cphm.ca.

Jurisprudence Exam Study Material for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians

In addition to completing the Pharmacy Jurisprudence Modules, you can use the supplementary JP Exam Study Material to prepare for the JP Exam. Please see the Jurisprudence Exam Blueprint for the domains and sub-domains included on the exam to help you prepare.

To prepare for the JP Exam, applicants should be knowledgeable and understand the application of all legislation, practice standards, guidelines, and joint statements relevant to the practice of pharmacy in the province of Manitoba.

Claiming CEU for Time Spent Completing the Pharmacy Jurisprudence Modules

The Pharmacy Jurisprudence Modules can be claimed as accredited learning for up to 15 CEU.

Pharmacy technicians and pharmacists who complete the Pharmacy Jurisprudence Modules and successfully complete the Jurisprudence (JP) Exam can claim up to 15 CEU as accredited learning toward their annual professional development requirements. The CEUs can only be claimed in the PD year they were completed. Please retain your statement of completion obtained at the conclusion of the Pharmacy Law Modules from the UofM CPD website for your records.