Pursuant to The Pharmaceutical Act and Regulations and the Policy Statement on Practice Directions, CPhM welcomes the feedback of all stakeholders, including members of the public, through a transparent consultation process.

Consultation on Proposed Bylaw Draft 

Welcome to the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba’s Consultations page.


In 2020, Council of the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba (CPhM) initiated a comprehensive review of its current governance framework. This process aimed to modernize the framework and enhance its alignment with the principles of transparency, accountability, and a commitment to the public interest. Upon completing this initial review, the Governance Committee, in close collaboration with CPhM Council, proceeded to refine the bylaws, incorporating the recommended changes.  

Town Hall Follow-Up: Q&A Insights 

On January 29, 2024, a virtual town hall meeting was held as a supplement to the consultation process for proposed amendments to the CPhM Bylaws. All registrants were informed of the town hall and had the opportunity to attend the virtual event. During the meeting, attendees were presented with the highlights of the draft bylaws based on feedback received and engaged in a live Q&A session. Many questions had overlapping themes and subjects.

The following document summarizes the questions asked during the event, grouped by common themes: CPhM Townhall Q&A

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