Opening a New Pharmacy

Every pharmacy in Manitoba must be registered with the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba.

Legislated Employer Responsibilities

Shot of two pharmacists doing inventory in a pharmacy with a digital tablet
Responsibility to ensure registration and licence

As per Section 98(1), employers must ensure that pharmacists working for them are registered under the Act and hold a current pharmacist licence of  the appropriate category for the position during the period of  their employment.

Responsibility to report professional misconduct

As per Section 98(2), employers who terminate a pharmacist’s employment for professional misconduct, incompetence or incapacity, must promptly report it to the registrar in writing and provide a copy to the pharmacist.

Responsibility for employees

As per Section 99, a pharmacy owner or manager is liable for their actions, or the actions of an employee or person under their direct supervision, if that action was carried out with their expressed or implied permission, consent, or approval and it results in the following:

  • Any offence against the Act
  • Any matter referred to the complaints committee about the conduct of a pharmacist, a student, intern, or owner

New Pharmacy Openings

The New Pharmacy Openings Package contains information about opening a new pharmacy and includes the documents you need to submit along with your application for licensing.

College Pharmacy Signs

This signage is designed for your patients to see in your pharmacy.

Accepting Drugs for Return to Inventory

Proof of Identity

It’s Your Right to Know

Exempted Codeine

Your Personal Health Information: Access and Privacy

Pharmacy Standards Forms

Guideline on Minimum Pharmacy Policy and Procedures Manual

Policy and Procedure Manual Template

Pharmacy Quality Assurance Self-Assessment

Pharmacy Status and Information Updates

Pharmacy owners and managers have obligations to advise CPhM when the status of the pharmacy changes or if personnel or contact information changes.

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Adding Components to Your Pharmacy

To add External Dispensing, Lock and Leave Permit, and Satellite Pharmacy components to your pharmacy your pharmacy must meet specific requirements.

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Pharmacy Licence Renewal

Every registered pharmacy in Manitoba must renew its licence on a yearly basis.

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