Ordering Laboratory Tests

Pharmacists can expand their scope of practice in the areas of prescribing, drug or vaccine administration, and ordering of screening and diagnostic testing by successfully completing the requisite Council-approved education, training, and application process.


The Pharmaceutical Act provides Manitoba pharmacists with the authority to order and receive the results of laboratory tests following the guidelines and restrictions set out in the Pharmaceutical Regulation and applicable practice directions.

A step-wise approach to lab-test ordering by Manitoba pharmacists began on February 19, 2019, with nine participating pharmacies. Feedback from these pharmacies will be used to optimize the final phase of implementation that will allow all pharmacists/pharmacies that have met College of Pharmacists of Manitoba (College) requirements to order lab tests. Discussions with Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living on full implementation of lab-test ordering for pharmacists are ongoing, but the COVID-19 emergency has caused delay. The College will notify pharmacy professionals when updates are available.

The following documents will help you prepare for full implementation of lab-test ordering:

Test Orders Practice Direction and Process Map

Manitoba Pharmacist Laboratory Requisition Form

Manitoba Module: Ordering Laboratory Tests (for information only without post-test for those who
successfully completed the module prior to Spring 2017)

Shared Health Pre-Registration Form

Dynacare Critical Values Policy and Procedures

Authorization to Order Lab Tests for Outpatients in Manitoba

All pharmacists who would like to order lab tests for outpatients or in a community or clinical practice setting once full implementation is introduced must complete the Manitoba Module: Ordering Laboratory Tests (including the post-test) and receive a Statement of Participation. Please contact the College at  registration@cphm.ca to register for the module.

When you have completed the module and received the statement of participation please provide a copy to registration@cphm.ca and your registrant profile will be updated with the authorization.

It is important that you retain a copy of the Statement of Participation for your records, as pharmacists who have made this declaration will be asked to submit a copy of their Statement when chosen for the Annual Professional Development Review.

In addition to the required Manitoba Module: Ordering Laboratory Tests, pharmacists who want to order lab tests for outpatients must complete additional training that best meets their learning needs to ensure they have the requisite knowledge, skill and judgment.

Pharmacist giving patient a vaccination

Administering Drugs and Vaccines by Injection

Pharmacists can complete requisite Council-approved education, training, and application process to administer drugs and vaccines by injection.

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