International pharmacy graduates and students/graduates of the University of Manitoba complete internships to support experiential learning and the registration and licensing process.

University of Manitoba, College of Pharmacy  Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience

Young pharmacy student on internship, standing at the counter in a pharmacyIn the final year of the PharmD program at the University of Manitoba (U of M) Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, College of Pharmacy students transition to an ‘intern’ status to complete their Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) rotations and internship. Becoming an intern allows students to perform all areas of pharmacy practice while under the supervision of an undergraduate preceptor. The U of M College of Pharmacy assigns CPhM-approved undergraduate preceptors to interns.

U of M College of Pharmacy students will receive an email from CPhM advising them to apply for intern status using the University of Manitoba Intern Application before beginning their APPE and internship in fourth year.

Please see the Pharmacy Student and Intern Rotations Resource for additional information.

If you are a graduate from a Canadian province other than Manitoba and want to complete your internship in Manitoba, please contact the College office.

What happens when I finish my APPE and internship?

Students who successfully complete the APPE and meet all of the graduation requirements from the PharmD program the U of M Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, College of Pharmacy, can apply to become a post-graduate intern, if they wish. Interns must be registered for the next available sitting of the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada Qualifying Examination, and can remain as a postgraduate intern until the results are available. Practicing as a post-graduate intern allows graduates to continue practicing to the full scope of an intern under supervision of a CPhM-approved preceptor until they meet the registration and licensing requirements of a pharmacist.

Alternatively, students may choose to forgo a post-graduate internship, but they may only perform the tasks of a pharmacy assistant (‘other person’ under the Pharmaceutical Regulation) until they meet the registration and licensing requirements.

More information on the optional post-graduate internship will be made available in the coming months.

Intern Authorization to Administer Drugs and Vaccines by Injection

If an intern and preceptor wish the intern to have the ability to administer drugs and vaccines by injection during the internship under the supervision of an injection certified pharmacist, the intern must apply and received injection authorization from the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba before they can inject. Completed applications for Intern Certification for Authorization to Administer Drugs and Vaccines by Injection and supporting documents can be sent to the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba by email to (preferred method), fax to 204-237-3468, or mail to 200 Tache Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R2H 1A7.

The intern should be reminded that, upon being licensed by the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba, the intern must apply to receive authorization to administer drugs and vaccines by injection as a licensed pharmacist.

Female pharmacist leaning on the pharmacist counter

Pharmacists From Outside of Canada

If you’re a pharmacist educated outside of Canada, you must begin your path to registration through the Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada program, which can assist with preparation for licensure requirements.

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