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Staff Directory

The CPhM Office has pandemic-response protocols in place and continues to operate as a virtual office in many capacities. All College services continue, however adjustments in service delivery or delays may occur; please call ahead before visiting the CPhM Office to ensure staff is available to assist you. We appreciate your patience.

General Enquiries

General Enquiries
Email: info@cphm.ca
Phone: 204 233 1411

Media Enquiries
Email: ASadovski@cphm.ca
Phone: 204 233 1411 ext: 229

Report a Complaint
Email: complaints@cphm.ca
Phone: 204 233 1411 ext: 250

Contact Reception
204 233 1411 ext: 220

College Registrant Enquiries

Please be mindful that the College receives a large volume of enquiries through voicemail and email. College staff strives to respond to phone and email messages within 1-3 business days. It is always our intention to respond as promptly as possible.

Note: all voicemail messages are automatically transferred to email for review.

If your question or situation is an urgent matter related to direct patient care, please call 204-233-1411 and press 220 to speak with reception.

For all other non-urgent matters, email remains the best method for contacting the College.

Please see the Staff Contacts for College Registrants listing to find the staff contact that best matches your question or concern.

Staff Directory


Susan Lessard-Friesen
204 233 1411 ext: 223

Rani Chatterjee-Mehta
Deputy Registrar
204 233 1411 ext: 232

Lindsay Henderson
Executive Assistant
204 233 1411 ext: 236

Registration, Qualifications, and Practice Development

Kim McIntosh
Assistant Registrar, Qualifications and Practice Development
204 233 1411 ext: 230

Ronda Eros
Practice Consultant, Safety IQ
204 233 1411 ext: 235

Meret Shaker
Practice Consultant, Policy and Legislation
204 233 1411 ext: 237

Bev Robinson
Registration Officer
204 233 1411 ext: 222

Quality Assurance

Chris Louizos
Assistant Registrar, Quality Assurance and Field Operations
204 233 1411 ext: 240

Kevin Chaboyer
Quality Assurance and Field Officer
204 233 1411  ext: 240

Arleigh Andrushak
Quality Assurance and Field Officer
204 233 1411  ext: 240

Professional Conduct

Brent Booker
Assistant Registrar, Review and Resolution
204 233 1411 ext: 225

Stacey Hjorleifson
Senior Administrative Assistant
204 233 1411 ext: 234

Operations and Communications

Lori McKietiuk
Director of Operations
204 233 1411 ext: 224

Anja Sadovski
Communications Coordinator
204 233 1411 ext: 229

Rachel Carlson
Communications Specialist
204 233 1411 ext: 238

Maria Arquiza
Data Coordinator
204 233 1411 ext: 220

Joy Idoko
Administrative Assistant – Quality Assurance