Authorized Pharmacists Can Now Administer COVID-19 and Influenza Vaccines to Those Two (2) Years of Age and Older

Public Health recently announced that authorized pharmacists can administer COVID-19 and influenza vaccines to those two (2) years of age and older.

On September 1, 2022, Public Health sent Manitoba pharmacists a communication stating that injection-certified pharmacists are now authorized to administer COVID-19 and seasonal influenza (flu) vaccines to individuals two (2) years of age and older effective immediately. This change also applies to pharmacy interns certified to administer COVID-19 vaccines through this application, and for flu vaccines.

At this time, the expansion to administer vaccines down to age two (2) is only for Health Canada approved COVID-19 vaccines and flu vaccines that are part of Manitoba’s annual Seasonal Influenza Immunization Program. For all other vaccines, the age of administration remains at age seven (7) years and older.

The administration of these publicly-funded vaccines is as per the policies, protocols and guidelines of the Manitoba Immunization Program; please refer to the Immunization Program Manual for these resources. Please note: documentation within the Immunization Program Manual will be updated in the future to reflect this updated policy. 

There is no additional training required to administer vaccines to children two years and older if the pharmacist already holds and maintains Certification of Authorization from the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba (CPhM) to administer drugs and vaccines by injection. However, CPhM strongly encourages pharmacists and interns to review the following resources to support the safe and effective administration of vaccines to children two (2) years of age and older:

As always, pharmacists must practice within the scope of their competence, skill, and knowledge.