MHSC now accepting applications for pharmacy participation in COVID-19 vaccine delivery

Information for pharmacists about participating in the COVID-19 Immunization Program.

On February 8, 2021, Manitoba Health and Seniors Care (MHSC) announced the next phase of planning for accessible and equitable COVID-19 vaccine roll-out to Manitobans. MHSC sent a letter via email to all pharmacies in Manitoba with an invitation to apply to participate in the Manitoba COVID-19 Immunization Program. Pharmacy managers are encouraged to check their email inbox for this letter and link to the registration package.

Pharmacies interested in participating in the COVID-19 Immunization Program must review the program requirements and complete/submit the online registration eForm available at the following web address:

In addition to the MHSC requirements, Pharmacists must also comply with all CPhM regulations and practice directions on administering drugs and vaccines by injection. For information on CPhM requirements, please see the COVID-19 Update page.

CPhM continues to work with its partners at MHSC on the COVID-19 Vaccine Immunization Program. CPhM will continue to update registrants about the program through it COVID-19 Updates page, the bi-weekly Friday Five publication, and direct emails.