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Pharmacy Operation

All pharmacies located in Manitoba require licensing by the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba.

Pharmacies in Manitoba

Whether you are opening a new pharmacy, changing its ownership, relocating, renovating, changing your pharmacy name or staff, or installing a lock-and-leave enclosure, you will need to provide the College with detailed information to ensure your transition is a smooth one.

New Pharmacy Openings

The New Pharmacy Openings Package contains information about opening a new pharmacy and includes the documents you need to submit along with your application for licensing.

College Pharmacy Signs

This signage is designed for your patients to see in your pharmacy.

College Sign: Accepting Drugs for Return to Inventory

College Sign: Proof of Identity

College Sign: It’s Your Right to Know

College Sign: Exempted Codeine

Pharmacy Standards Forms

Guideline on Minimum Pharmacy Policy and Procedures Manual

Policy and Procedure Manual Template

Pharmacy Quality Assurance Self-Assessment

Keeping your pharmacy licensed

There are specific situations that require pharmacy owners to take action to ensure there is no interruption to the pharmacy licence.

Change of Ownership

Male pharmacist smiling and standing with crossed arms inside a pharmacy
Within seven days of an ownership change, you must submit the following to the College via mail, fax, or in-person to maintain the pharmacy’s licence:

NOTE: Once you complete the above, Manitoba Health will issue the pharmacy a new Pharmacare number. The pharmacy’s licence number will remain the same.

Adding components to your pharmacy

External Dispensing
If you seek to establish an external dispensing location in a community without reasonable access to pharmacy services, you must submit an External Dispensing Pharmacy Component Application.

Lock & Leave Permit
A lock & leave permit allows pharmacy operation without the physical presence of a pharmacist. Before applying, review the Lock & Leave Practice Direction for information on the permit requirements.

Satellite Pharmacy
Those seeking to establish a satellite component for an existing community pharmacy licence must submit a Satellite Pharmacy License Application. For more information, please see the Satellite Pharmacy Component Criteria.

Pharmacy Technician Final Check

Upon College approval, pharmacy technicians can perform a final check when drug preparation and dispensing were performed by another pharmacy technician, student, intern, or another pharmacy staff person.

Pharmacy managers must submit their proposed pharmacy technician final check policies and procedures for College approval using the Pharmacy Technician Final Check Application. Please refer to the Pharmacy Technician Final Check Information Sheet for guidance.