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Disciplinary decisions

There are several actions that the College's Discipline Committee can take as part of the complaint resolution process. All disciplinary actions are made public here.

Under provincial legislation, the Complaints Committee can decide to:

  • Refer the matter to mediation
  • Censure the pharmacist
  • Accept voluntary surrender of licence or registration, which may include a formal agreement with the pharmacist
  • Suspend the pharmacist’s licence or impose conditions on the pharmacist’s practice
  • Dismiss the matter if there is not sufficient evidence to indicate that professional misconduct, professional incompetence, or incapacity was likely
  • Refer the complaint to the Discipline Committee

The amount of time required to resolve a complaint varies and could take several months. The College takes all complaints seriously, and the severity and complexity of the matter may lengthen the time necessary to consider all of the issues and reach a decision.

Once the Committee makes its decision regarding your complaint, you will get a written notice. You have 30 days to appeal should you be dissatisfied with the Committee’s decision.

Disciplinary Decisions

Strempler, Andrew – October 2009

Shapiro, Harry – June 2010

Stein, Harvey – January 2011

Cairns, Brenda – March 2011

Haverluck, Myles – March 2011

Mikhail, Beteros – September 2011

Glass, Matthew – October 2011

Sidhu, Kaur – May 2012

Gasmen, Raymond – October 2013

Tran, Vi – July 2014

Bose, Shouren – February 2015

Lee, Floyd – June 2015

Murphy, Darren – June 2015

Becker, Robert – June 2016

Kaler, Komal – July 2016

Sekhon, Lavtej – August 2016

Froese, Jeffery – January 2017

Byrne, Carl – April 2017

Sidhu, Kaur – August 2017

Burczynski, Steven – February 2019

Hilderman, Lorraine – April 2019

Wong, Jasmine – April 2019

Tran, Vi – May 2019

Abd El Nour, Karam – June 2019

Harochaw, Gregory – August 2019

Sidhu, Kaur – October 2019