Announcement of New CPhM Council Members

CPhM welcomes its new Council members and Executive Committee

The College of Pharmacists of Manitoba is (CPhM) pleased to inform you of the new Council members announced at the CPhM Annual General Meeting on May 14, 2024. 

CPhM Council Members for 2024-2025: 

  • Ryan Buffie, Pharmacist (one-year term) 
  • Alanna Doell, Pharmacist (one-year term) 
  • Brendon Mitchell, Pharmacist (two-year term) 
  • Teryl Moore, Pharmacist (two-year term) 
  • Kathy Hunter, Pharmacist (three-year term) 
  • Pawandeep Sidhu, Pharmacist (three-year term) 
  • Chantal MacDonald, Pharmacy Technician (three-year term) 
  • Lalitha Raman-Wilms, Dean of the College of Pharmacy, Ex Officio Member 
  • Amanda Andreas, Public Representative 
  • Donna Forbes, Public Representative 
  • Don Himbeault, Public Representative 
  • Elizabeth Reimer, Public Representative 

 These Council members, composed of pharmacy professionals and public representatives appointed by the Minister of Health, Seniors, and Long-Term Care, make up the 12-member Council. During this transition to staggered terms of service, the length of terms for pharmacy-professional Council members are varied.  By 2027, all pharmacy-professional terms will be three years.  

As part of the recent governance review, CPhM has significantly changed how pharmacy professionals are selected to serve on Council. These changes align with best governance practices adopted by regulators in Manitoba and across Canada. CPhM has integrated valuable lessons into our selection process by learning from early adopters of these practices.  

Key Changes to Council Selection: 

  • Inclusive Eligibility: Both practicing pharmacists and pharmacy technicians can now serve on Council, broadening the pool of potential candidates and ensuring diverse professional representation. 
  • Competency-Based Selection: Interested individuals apply, highlighting their qualifications against an established set of competencies and criteria. This ensures that candidates are evaluated based on merit and relevance. 
  • Objective Review Process: The Appointments Committee reviews all applications objectively, focusing on how well candidates meet the established competencies and criteria. This method minimizes biases and ensures that selections are made based on merit. 
  • Diverse Representation: The selection process considers many factors, including practice experiences, work environments, regional representation, cultural backgrounds, and perspectives. This ensures that the Council reflects the diversity of the profession and the community it serves. 
  • Commitment to Public Interest: Emphasizing candidates’ commitment to public service, fiduciary duties, and cultural safety ensures that the Council serves the broader community effectively. 
  • Staggered Terms:  Staggered, defined-length terms of service for Council members ensures new perspectives are regularly brought forward while maintaining diverse representation and alignment with best practices.   

This approach maintains public interest, brings new perspectives, and enhances governance. The Appointments Committee and outgoing Council members are confident that the new 12-member Council will collectively provide adequate oversight, stewardship, and strategic leadership for CPhM. 

CPhM Council Elects Executive Committee Members for the 2024-2025 Term 

At its inaugural meeting on May 14, 2024, the Council elected the following officers and Executive Committee members to serve for the 2024-2025 term: 

  • Ryan Buffie, Pharmacist, Chair 
  • Kathy Hunter, Pharmacist, Vice Chair 
  • Donna Forbes, Public Representative, Executive Committee Member 
  • Pawandeep Sidhu, Pharmacist, Executive Committee Member 

The four-member Executive Committee assumes their duties immediately, with the first meeting scheduled for early June 2024. The Executive Committee and the full  Council will participate in orientation in the coming weeks before the first Council meeting on June 24, 2024. 

We look forward to the contributions and leadership of our new Council in advancing the mandate of CPhM.