Friday Five (January 20, 2023)

The January 20, 2023 edition of the Friday Five is now available.

Community Pharmacy Survey on Patient Safety Culture Coming Soon 

The College of Pharmacists of Manitoba (CPhM) is developing a Community Pharmacy Survey on Patient Safety Culture for all community pharmacy staff to assess their attitudes and opinions on patient safety and safety culture in their pharmacy. Your survey feedback will help CPhM understand the state of safety culture in Manitoba and the gaps in knowledge or resources that pharmacy professionals need to build and improve safety practices.  

Your survey response will help to benchmark the measurement and monitoring of Safety IQ and its progress toward building sustainable safety cultures in Manitoba’s community pharmacies.  

The survey consists of 44 questions and includes the following topics: 

  • Working in This Pharmacy 
  • Communication and Work Pace 
  • Patient Safety and Response to Mistakes 
  • Documenting Mistakes 
  • Overall Rating 
  • Background Questions 
  • Your Comments 

It should take approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete this survey. Your responses are voluntary, anonymous, and completely confidential.  

In the spirit of shared learning, CPhM will share aggregate survey data and recommendations for Safety IQ program development with Council, the Safety IQ Advisory Committee, and registrants.  

CPhM will email the Patient Safety Culture Survey link to all pharmacy professionals directly on January 25, 2023. CPhM encourages pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and managers to share the survey link with pharmacy assistants to ensure that the survey captures the thoughts and experiences of all pharmacy staff. 

Incorrect Dose/Frequency Top Contributor to Manitoba Incidents: NIDR for Community Pharmacies 

Incorrect dose/frequency continues to be the top incident type reported by Manitoba community pharmacies to the National Incident Data Repository (NIDR) for Community Pharmacies hosted by ISMP Canada. The most recent Safety Brief from ISMP Canada provides prevention measures your pharmacy can take to reduce the chances of patient harm related to an incorrect dose/frequency for direct oral anticoagulants.  

In the spirit of knowledge dissemination and shared learning, the third NIDR Safety Brief for April – September 2022 also includes: 

  • Number of incidents received by the NIDR;   
  • Top five types of incidents reported;   
  • Level of harm from reported incidents; and   
  • Medication safety tips to prevent “incorrect drug” errors. 

The Manitoba Safety Brief is your report data in action. Use it as a tool to talk about medication incidents, near-miss events, and potential improvements in your pharmacy. 

Your reports to the NIDR matter. Each report you submit is also an opportunity to improve your pharmacy practice. Each report you submit is a contribution to provincial, national, and international learning about medication incidents and near-miss events. You are contributing to a broad movement to improve pharmacy practice and reduce the risk of patient harm. 

Thank you for your commitment to continuous quality improvement (CQI). Visit SafetyIQ.Academy for more tools and information to support CQI in your pharmacy. 

General Call for Expressions of Interest for Committee Service 

The College of Pharmacists of Manitoba (CPhM) has both statutory and standing committees. The role of statutory committees is to carry out legislated duties; the role of standing committees is to support the work of Council. All committee work contributes to the CPhM mandate to regulate the practice of pharmacy in the public interest.  

The composition of each committee varies and consists of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians registered/listed with CPhM, members of the public, and Council members.   

Those interested in becoming a committee member with CPhM are encouraged to view the information on the website and submit a Committee Expression of Interest form.  

CPhM considers a number of factors when reviewing expressions of interest for committee service, including expertise, experience, practice setting, demographic representation, and other unique skills or attributes. Appointments to committees are made in the best interest of the committee as a whole to ensure the committee is properly constituted and able to function effectively and achieve its duties and responsibilities.   

Efforts are made to match volunteers with their expressed interests; appointments are contingent on the vacancies at any given time. 

Upcoming Annual Learning Portfolio Review 

This is a notice to advise that the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba (CPhM) will be conducting the 2021 – 2022 Annual Learning Portfolio Review soon. Twenty (20) per cent of licensed pharmacists will be selected to participate in this process. Emails will be sent in the coming weeks to those that are selected.  

The Annual Learning Portfolio Review helps ensure pharmacists are engaging in continuous learning through accredited and non-accredited learning activities to remain eligible for licence renewal and to help maintain competence to practice. Pharmacists chosen for the review who are authorized to administer a drug or vaccine by injection must also include a copy of their valid CPR (Level C or HCP) and First Aid (Emergency or Standard) certificate issued by the training provider. The statement of completion for any previous mandatory professional development modules must also be submitted as part of the review. 

Upcoming Events and Professional Development Opportunities

2023 CSHP-MB Winter Evening Event- Updates in Diabetes

Saturday, February 25, 2023

For more information and to register, click here.

University of Victoria Palliative Care Pharmacy Micro-Credential: Professional Development Certificate 

Click here to register and for more information. 

Call for Interviewees – Perspectives on the Vaccine Distribution Strategy for COVID-19 in Manitoba, University of Manitoba Study

For further information, please click here to review the study information letter and consent form.