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Public, Member and Stakeholder Consultation on Proposed Amendments to The Pharmaceutical Act and Regulation

Under The 2006 Pharmaceutical Act (The Act) and accompanying Regulation, pharmacists were granted advanced scope of practice privileges. Expanded prescriptive authority, administration of drugs, and ordering lab tests are among these practices. As with most pieces of legislation, there was a large gap of time from when The Act and Regulation was developed to when they came into effect. Since then, the practice of pharmacy has continued to evolve and several updates to the legislation are needed to allow pharmacists to continue to expand their scope of practice to provide optimal patient care. 

The College has created a summary chart with background information and rationale included on the Proposed Amendments to The Pharmaceutical Act and Regulation for consultation which can be found below. The College is committed to soliciting, considering and valuing the feedback provided by members, the public and stakeholders on the proposed amendments. Please review the summary chart and associated documents and provide your feedback by email to feedback@cphm.ca by November 2, 2018.

Proposed Amendments Summary Chart
Travel Health Working Group Summary 
Proposal: Therapeutic Substitution by Pharmacists in Manitoba 
Rationale Document on Pharmacist Prescribing